Bala's latest flick.  

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I just saw the latest offer from director bala, naan kadavul.The film has been in the production for such a long time and it is finally been released.Bala known for his emotional movies has made the fourth film of his career.So with three earlier films being very critically acclaimed films,i went to the theatres to watch the film with huge expectations,just because of bala.But actually i was disappointed after seeing the movie.It didn't have that usual impact that bala's films usually have.It was more commercial than many would expect.They have given more attention to comedy than to original plot of the film.Some repeated old comedies as well to make it worse.

That too many thought that actor Arya is going to go places after the release of the film,but i seriously doubt if it could happen.Actually the hero has lesser screen presence than the heroine pooja. Actually Arya has just played a not more than a supporting role in the film.Acting wise to pooja excels while there is nothing say about Arya.on the whole it is a big disappointment from bala.But still i don't see why this film should not do well in the box office,just for its commercial values,which is bucket full.


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hi,guys wish u all a happy new year......


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Hi friends,
This is my first blog which is about our expectations and how much it gets fulfilled.Here my focus is going to be on entertainment...... to be specific my blog is going to be on movies and sports. When it comes to movies and sports, we always have high expectations on the film makers and sportspersons.But,do our expectations from them is always been fullfilled?????...... its time to express our expectations.
So lets gets started................